Shapes 'n Figures June 2007
As most women can attest, swimsuit shopping is no laughing matter. In fact, it’s one of those experiences that can make you want to cry. But take heart, Shapes ‘N Figures is here to help. Carrying sizing and styles for all body types, you will find your suit here. Long torso, short, petite, large cup, mastectomy - no problem! There’s a suit to fit and flatter your body. Owner, Saeeda laughs as she says that sometimes she’ll joke with a customer, “what is it you are trying to hide?” as she discusses fit and style. “We all have something we want to hide but there is always something to show, too.” Me, I want to try the Miracle Suit designed to make the wearer look 10 pounds slimmer. I asked, for all of our sakes, if wearing two suits would hide 20 pounds?

Part of the store’s success comes from carrying name brand suits in a range that fit from 6-month infants to women’s sizes 26/28. Swimsuit bra sizes range from A to E and F cup. (Call first, the popular larger sizes sometimes sell out.) There’s an enormous selection of one-piece, two-piece and mix and match as well. So you are sure to find something that fits and suits you.

And let’s not forget the boys. There’s swim shorts for them, too.

Experience is another factor in the success. The business started in 1989 with involvement in custom design including swim, dance, skate, gymnastic, biathlon, luge and skeleton wear. After 10 years the focus narrowed to swim and cruise wear and the business expanded to several stores in Alberta. Saeeda and her husband Asif eventually decided to focus on one store and make it the largest supplier of swimwear, including designer brands, all in one large 2500 sq. ft. store. Although overwhelming at first, the friendly atmosphere and the dedication to superior customer service makes it easy to find a suit that fits to perfection. “The business has prospered and we have our clients to thank, who have supported us in every way possible since day one,” says Saeeda.

Twenty years of experience shows. “When a customer walks into the store, I know what size she will wear and what will suit her. That’s what experience does,” she tells me in her friendly manner. “I’ve helped hard-to-fit young girls and women find something they like and that suits their body type and they go away happy with their purchase. Often, I listen to what a customer wants or needs and then guide them to the right suit.”

Still another factor are the name brands carried: Christina, Baltex, Miracle Suit, Goddex Gold, Goddex Profile, Gilden Oberson, Anna Cole, Anne Klein and Speedo to name some. These suits aren’t just for sea or sunbathing, many are suitable for chlorinated pools.

In addition to the swimwear, Shapes ‘N Figures offers a selection of cruise wear. Wrinkle-free, breathable, washable and wearable are the qualities that define this gear. There are wraps, dresses, tunics and pants, cover-ups and an assortment of accessories such as bags, hats, flip-flops and swim caps.

Saeeda sums it up by saying, “Shapes ‘N Figures has been assisting Calgarians find the perfect swimwear for 20 years. With over 6000 bathing suits in stock, Shapes ‘N Figures offers an excellent selection all year round. It is our mission to provide suits for every shape, size and need, and help you find the one that’s right for you.

Please call us and visit at your convenience.” Shapes ‘N Figures is located in Summit Park at #103, 5718-1A ST. SW. Calgary, close to Chinook Center. Now, I need to ask Saeeda, about that Miracle Suit.**.